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5 men from the panda who took 420 ml of blood Figure

Panda blood recently,christian louboutin sale, Fuzhou panda first in the world to show the whole process of panda blood.The staff to a young panda injected anesthetics.About 30 minutes later, 5 men will carry it on blood station.
Then,christian louboutin outlet, staff from the panda body sample of approximately 420 ml of blood, the blood will within two months as of similar blood test. the Straits (Fuzhou) the Giant Panda Research Center Director Chen Yucun introduced,christian louboutin, panda like people will also anemia,christian louboutin shoes, will usually play fall in the blood, or in a fight to bleed,Christian Louboutin USA, so the blood collection and reserve a certain amount of blood is very important.
Now the Fuzhou panda world is trying to explore the establishment of the panda blood bank possibility, because at present the country does not have a formal panda blood bank.To share: welcome to comment
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Man dating Nvwang you and go to hotel rooms passion broken life

Jingchu net news (chutianjinbao reporter Zheng Zhifang correspondent Liu Yu) 12, a man grabbed will female netizen, and went to the hotel room.But the passion of life suddenly broken.After emergency operation returned to normal.
Experts remind people love not pursue unusual posture.38 year old Mr. Wu was born in Heilongjiang, three months ago in Wuhan online encounters a woman, two people totally power-bonded, 11 days meet in Wuhan.
In 12, Mr. Wu came from Heilongjiang to Wuhan, night accompany female netizen shopping, eating after supper, two people went to the hotel room to sleep in a bed.A few minutes after the "movement", Wu Xianzheng is ready to change a posture, suddenly heard a "bang", his penis against to each other the pelvis,Louboutin Shoes, lower body immediately feel intense pain, followed by penile swelling.
Never seen this before female netizen petrified, will Mr. Wu up sit down, after half an hour,Christian Louboutin Shoes, not only did not alleviate the pain, but the head of the penis becomes purple black.To see the situation right, female netizen quickly rushed to the hospital when Mr.
Wu, it is already late 12.The hospital uropoiesis surgical department deputy chief physician Guo Jun examination revealed, Mr. Wu's penis head fullness of purple black extravasated blood, a curved dorsal deformities, the corpus cavernosum penis head longitudinal fracture, rupture of the tunica albuginea of the penis, penile fracture.
Guo Jun said,christian louboutin shoes, he has done more than 10 cases in sex in the penile fracture repair operation, break point almost always occurs in the corpus cavernosum penis ventral, but like Wu such longitudinal fracture or the first case.
That evening, Mr. Wu was advancing operation room "the tunica albuginea of the penis repair".During the operation, the doctor found the tunica albuginea penis fracture gap is about 1 centimeters long,Christian Louboutin, after suture repair, also released more than 100 ml of blood stasis.
Postoperatively, Mr. Wu "lifeblood" was finally restored to its former glory.Guo Jun, the male penis is the special organ,christian louboutin sale, called penile fracture is defined under the action of external force, resulting in the corpus cavernosum penis fiber membrane (tunica albuginea rupture of corpus cavernosum) or dislocation.
Sometimes in the fracture can be heard "snapped" broken sound, at the same time feel pain, tearing, the penis to lateral bending, serious when combined urethral tear, cause of urethral bleeding.Cause the cause of this condition, mainly when sexual intercourse action too much or too weird posture.
He warned, if the appearance of penile fracture, should be immediately interrupted intercourse and quickly go to the hospital treatment.As long as timely treatment, operation is not difficult, but does not lead to serious sequelae.
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Love you, miss you night has a central Ruili blog Ruili network

Love you, miss you,christian louboutin shoes, how can I do ah!!!!I seem to fall into an endless hell, hell drowning.I love you,Christian Louboutin Outlet, but you love her, how should I do!!!I can't stop thinking about you, every time I think of you.I want to be with you,Christian Louboutin USA, want to accompany you on your side, I always support you unconditionally, want to take care of you,christian louboutin sale, love you, dear,Louboutin Shoes, take care the body.
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9 year old boy born divine can lift 120 kilograms barbells grou

9 year old Xu Wei in coach protection challenge 120 kilograms barbells.His brother Xu Weixue show muscle ,but the coach said not to age, but never made a shank meat .The lifting 15 kilograms of dumbbellaction ,Xu Wei can do several group .
The Chongqing Evening News Photo by Zhang Zhi Xu Wei easily won the 82 kilograms ofbrother bear .On the afternoon of 9 ,located in Yongchuan District of Chongqing city third school sports .Vice President Jiang Shaomin and coach Xu Ji to discuss the preparation for the next week ,let the school last year received the Xu Wei body branch institute to do a test, have a look the little guy in order to determine the next step of the training plan .
At this time,christian louboutin outlet, Xu Wei came into office ,out of his jaw made of sugar ,see have .See the coach stare ,Xu Wei quickly excuse :the teacher asked me to eat .And from the pocket pocket biscuits ,gave me this .
The 9 year old zero two months ,height 1.35 meters,40 kilograms of weightfor the little guy ,Chongqing is known as young hercules .Less than 6 years old ,he can carry more than 100 kilograms ofadults .
&nbsp ;the Chongqing evening news reporter Louis Intern Xue Yaxiao dissatisfaction at the age of 6 to carry100 kg,9days afternoon 5 when,in the three school . How can you prove yourself in strength ? To me .
Xu Weiyang was as red apple bobbing ,itch for a try .The 73 kg class brother standing in front of him wanted him back ,he does not do ,reason is him short, not easy to grasp the balance .
Until the 82 kg class big brother came ,Xu Weiliang sparkling eyes smile like pea pods .Bend over ,abdomen ,squat ,stand up ,didn expected to Hi sound ,big brother is safe sit in Xu Wei -- emphasize ,big brother is not lying ,sitting ,body weight is concentrated to the hips, entirely in Xu Wei, staying in under 20 seconds .
Xu Wei face is red ,but the atmosphere is not breathing .Xu Wei ,and his father is trying to figure out, what he can carry multiple people .Since under the age of 6 and hit the back after the record of more than 100 kilograms ,so many years ,I have never broken -- which have so many fat into a door to let him practice ?So ,he a lonely .
Next is the neck following a weight-bearing squatting barbell ,50 kg,80 kg,100 kg,120 kg oflayers of overweight, Xu Wei be in the best of spirits ,one one lift .Because the age is too small ,and even premature development arousing aesthetic fatigue ,Xu Wei primarily running ,squat ,leapfrog basic training ,bearing little chance .
Will sit-ups ,than we usually do ,have to embrace block the weight of 5 kg in the back of the neck ,Xu Wei record is 20.The rest gap ,Xu Wei head to the training room away ,said to you many times, slowly ,slowly ,hit man not .
Coach Xu Ji followed him and said .Athlete Xu Ji was this little guy had been hit ,was not strong enough ,head of an ox. .Dried milk and eat snacks as Xu Wei live in Kaixian the Chinese Fengzhen red village .
1 years time, walk even rickety Xu Wei went shopping ,carrying 5 kg of salt,walk alone has nearly 1 kilometers .Little more than 5 years ,before going to bed in the evening he whim back mother ,results ,nearly 80 kilograms of mother was he easily back up .
Less than 6 years old ,bear the weight of more than 100 kilograms ofHan ,a record he gave me a record .Also at that time ,his circle of friends was only twelve or thirteen children ,other children don play with him because of great strength ,with Xu Wei playing too much ,he gently move, others will fall down .
.. ... A divine power from where ? I feel shy ,feel shy .The phone ,the body in Kaixian father Xu a ashamed tone .The child didn somewhere to eat a few meals ,eat dried milk ,snacks grown up .
When the night he is alone in the house .Xu said the father ,who is a gardening company ,got four hundred or five hundred acres of nursery ,the couple day busy no time children, Xu Wei only their own care .
Eat dried milk because nobody to give him water ,from more than 1 years of age to 4 years old in kindergarten ,he averaged two or three days .1 kg ofdried milk ,still not satisfied, can eat snacks ,potato chips ,cookies ,candy ,dried tofu ,chicken feet .
.. ... What eats what .Occasionally the parents came back early, let him eat meal decent dinner -- egg fried rice ,is a super treatment .Full, then scampering all over the mountains and plains .
Alex snacks per month to maintain in the 2000-3000 element,since Xu Wei can eat ,home snacks never over shelf life .Xu said Dad ,big bag Qishi potato chips ,his breath could eat 12 bags .
A KFC ,you can eat a hundred yuan, this still is a few years ago .On 1 grades ofprimary school ,the school with father Xu horticultural companies have business dealings ,the child 1people eatwhen 3 people ,a few more ,our dining room was also not close? The teacher make fun of .
I told him under the ban : not allowed to talk to my friends to go out alone .Father Xu often patronize the car wash is a cashier is like Xu Wei ,take him to see a movie ,a movie ,he ate them 150 yuansnacks .
Olympic weightlifting champion is his idol a divine nature fame ,school to find the door .Xu Wei last May from Kaixian came to his home in three-body school amateur training .Here to train children usually primary school graduation ,however ,given Xu Wei a divine power ,school break take him in .
At the beginning, Xu Wei living in the dormitory, he and old pedal cover ,plus Xu Wei substantial snacks attract bedroom rat party ,no way, coach took him to their own to live, eat accompany with learning ,while watching his mouth ,control appetite ,sweets ,fried foods ,while teach some basic life skills .
The coach told Xu Wei fire child ,because Xu Wei is not afraid of cold ,last winter, when the cold ,Xu Wei also will wear a T-shirt and a thin coat of thin .He is active, moving more it is easy to heat .
His waist ,lower extremity strength is very strong, the chest is good .Good ,strong legs ,heart and lung function as well, look at this blush ,Christian Louboutin,needless to say .Coach Xu Jizhao patted his ass .
Xu Wei leg strength at the age of 8, there is 60 kg .Xu Ji took Xu Wei to Dasan Zhuhai zipper ,6 hours,Xu Wei did not have any discomfort .City three school vice principal Jiang Shaomin Xu Wei said ,at present age is still small ,in order to protect children ,not suitable for strength training ,only through the normal running ,leapfrog ,pulls the ligament and other common training ,his body would play well .
With age, and according to the development situation ,and timely adjust training plans .Xu Wei the Olympic weightlifting champion Long Qingquan .Xu Wei the next station champion usually cooked ,with small sweet and honey .
He is also good at bargaining ,price 1000 yuanmobile phone ,he danced with big eyes ,neat and quick to let the boss is cheap 100 yuanto sell him .Xu said the father ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,before people come to his home to buy seedling nursery ,Xu Wei man chimed in, don let others demand a low price .
However ,in the calm old does not mean that he was at home to do .When my parents went to Yongchuan to see him, he would sleep in their middle ,enjoy the stars the moon moves round the sun .
From the born power has also acquired factors three school vice principal Jiang Shaomin sum ,a considerable part of Hercules is in which genetic factors ,either one or both parents to force type ,is either an atavistic powers from their parents ,elders .
Like Xu Wei ,Christian Louboutin Shoes,his father is 1.68 meters in height weight 60 kilograms,the mother is 1.67 meters in height weight close to 80 kilograms ,his strength has mother genetic factor . His mother walking special spirit ,be rash and too much in haste ,seems also to be the firm type .
Father Xu also find this work,Louboutin Shoes, Xu Weis grandfather ,a live 99 years old birthday ,young and powerful , hundreds of jins is not a problem .Said Jiang Shaomin ,another reason is the day after tomorrow .
Xu Wei is on a hillside grew up ,from climbing on Hom ,regular exercise with children ,force will have obvious advantages .Qianjiang district a few years ago appeared a little Hercules ,5 years old cancarry the weight of 50 kg ,the child toys ,play carriage tire .
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The doctor will be in patients with systemic frozen cooling to 2

Operation process diagram of cardiac arrest ,systemic is frozen to 20 degrees c. ... ... Shadowless lamp lower speed ,surgeons seize every minute and second ,with the fastest speed on the thorax of the patient ,fast cut off the broken heart is the body vessels, planted into a polymer polyester material substitute .
.. ... 24 minutes in blood vessels of the heart ,an hour later, patients with successful recovery of heart beat .Yesterday, a 52 year old patient Mr. Yu discharged ,he was unconscious of experienced this scene be struck with fright .
It is difficult for cardiac surgical operation ,on the bold but cautious and high-tech materials .A surgeon chamber cardiothoracic surgical director Ni Yiming Professor calmly told reporters ,this operation ,he and the team nearly two months has successfully made 8.
Hypertension for emergency operation now ,my heart already installed artificial new material ,but it put in the right ,I feel my heart uncomfortable .Mr. Yu said .Yesterday he walked out of the hospital he, a month ago, due to a sudden coma family was admitted to the hospital .
Emergency room doctor to the patient ,to do a detailed inspection ,found that Mr. Yu suffering from hypertension ,heart pump supply systemic blood pressure is too high ,for many, many years to come ,the inner wall of the vessel broke .
CT found ,his heart pump blood flows into the vessel wall dissection .The vascular wall is very fragile ,once breached ,christian louboutin,seconds can be deadly .The doctor says ,as a result of normal aortic insufficiency ,Mr.
Yu suddenly fell into a coma ,systemic organ loss of oxygen supply ,began to wither .Patients life on the line ,thoracic surgeons make a prompt decision put forward hospital first aid scheme :removal of broken heart main export ,change the new artificial blood vessels, heart blood flow to the body .
Cardiac arrest ,the temperature dropped 17 degreesoperation immediately !Thoracic Surgery Directors Yi-ming Ni and vice director Ma volume two experts together on the operation table .After general anesthesia, doctor Ni Yiming opened up the patient .
I saw ,was only 3 cmdiameter size of the aorta ,this time has been dissection during last 8 cm diameter andthickness, vascular wall is thin and transparent ,seeing it will break up blood .
This time let the blood still flows, way is to let the patient body temperature drops quickly .Tacit healthcare workers opened a cardiopulmonary bypass machine ,let the heart stops beating, Mr.
Yu blood slowly in the machine body and between the circulating flow ,Louboutin Shoes,in the temperature setting control, Mr. Yu blood temperature started to decline slowly ,finally firmly set at 20degrees C,than our normal body temperature of 37 degrees Cwas decreased by 17 degrees c !In 24 minutesthe suture 8joint stop extracorporeal circulation operation ,the countdown .
Patients frozen time should not exceed 40 minutes,or brain hypoxia ischemia time is too long ,can cause irreversible damage .Ni Yiming said .Cutlery as doctor ,they cooperate with each other ,such as a symphony of life .
Side cutting injury of the aortic arch ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,there is a 10 cm longtrunk stent placement ,pass ,followed by a synthetic vascular access .The artificial blood vessel ,known aortic arch ,the up and down about 8 portseach with large artery and communicated ,all are the lifeline .
Doctor hand hands down ,an average of 3 minutes to stitch a port ,a 8 port tomake smooth reading sewed .Ni Yiming and horse amount the doctor looked up :just over 24 minutes!Vascular interface all suture ,did not see how much bleeding .
Aside reserve in 2000 ml of blood drop unused ,is really a doctor skilled sigh !The reporter to look up the material ,such as total arch replacement operation ,complicated, large amount of bleeding ,blood transfusion of 2000 mlis common .
I wake up ?I ?Opened again, extracorporeal circulation, temperature of the patient recovered gradually ,and after less than 40 minutes.One hour after the monitor and white spots ,the patient once again successfully jumped !The operation room nurses to the heart of hanging down .
The very next day early in the morning, Mr. Yu revived . Are you feeling now ?The doctor asked ward ni . I wake up ?I ?Mr. Yu feel like a dream . Your fingers ,toes move I have a look ?The doctor smiled and nodded .
Mr. Yu moving finger ,toe .Ni was happy, Mr. Yu was hoarse ,shown in his operation without damage to the recurrent laryngeal nerve, fingers and toes to move ,no paraplegia ,brain thinking is normal !Operation of a doctor to Mr.
Yu heart into what baby ,let the patient make the dead come back to life ?The reporter .Ni doctor took out a pale color ,about 3 cm indiameter of the pipe .The reporter to look at ,ah ,a polyester cloth !Seems to be knitted fabrics ,feels soft and elastic, wrinkled like a washing machine on the water outlet pipe .
Ni doctors explained that ,this is a kind of new polymer material ,have been widely applied in clinic ,although is a polyester fabric ,but will not let the permeability of blood loss ,do not change, can use for a lifetime .
Reporter sighed ,such wonderful material ,has been housed in the heart aorta most main channels ,bear the burden of life !Related links and low temperature operation of promising last year, chamber Thoracic Surgery Directors Yi-ming Ni was golden sword award .
He said ,cryogenic treatment has been applied more and more widely .The body temperature drop ,stop heartbeat ,Christian Louboutin,this technique is called deep hypothermic circulatory arrest technology ,the purpose is to let patients at 20 DEG Cunder low temperature state can tolerate operation ,and avoid large hemorrhage .
At present because of its technical difficulty ,in surgical operation in relatively rare .Another kind of frozen medical technology is widely applied in medical field .This technique will organize local frozen ,then excisional ,its also called cryosurgery .
In the operation ,patients with local tissue temperature drops to below 0 DEG C ,destruction of lesion of the cellular structure ,and finally make them necrosis .It is reported ,at present, Zhejiang Province Tumor Hospital of argon helium refrigeration technology has been applied to the treatment of bone tumors .
However ,he suggested ,because at present the medical profession of hypothermia in the treatment of certain principle is not clear ,the different authorities to hold different attitudes .Domestic and foreign hospital by using cooling in different ways : some use of ice blanket ,some with ice ,Christian Louboutin Shoes,and injection drug for patients with frozen .
Cryogenic treatment may save cardiac sudden death patients will play a greater role .American Heart Association of an authoritative experts say for certain ,low temperature treatment for the patient provides a rest and adjustment for the medical personnel ,save time ,is a promising new medical technology .
Next to Wang Rui news cardiac arrest frozen in two days she lived not long ago ,the United States physicians initiated sexual ground to apply cooling therapy successfully saved a dying of sudden cardiac arrest in patients with life -- they have on patients in vivo and in vitro environment temperatures, the patient was frozen after two days of life ,the brain is not affected by how much damage .
&nbsp ;Amy Mohr is 38 years old ,in 2010 September14 cardiacemergency ,no pulse ,motionless ,was rushed to the hospital .In her cardiac arrest after 20 minutes ,the doctor decided to wrestle finally, the implementation of her cooling therapy :will Amy with cold blanket wrapped up ,the injection of frozen with liquid ,the temperature dropped to 33 degrees Celsius,4 degreesbelow normal temperature .
Amy was frozen two days later ,the doctor that the time has come ,will Amy thaw ,she wakes up, only a small portion of memory loss ,besides the body without any damage .&nbsp ;according
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